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We freight grain and stockfeed in bulk direct to your farm


Here at Cooloola Custom Stockfeed, we take stock health and wellbeing seriously.

Our nutritionist can advise on the ideal balance of feed supplements including essential vitamins and minerals for every stage of growth.

Instantly improve the diet and health of your breeding or production stock and get the best in nutritious stockfeed advice.



The Cooloola Custom Stockfeed team are highly reliable and they deliver bulk stockfeed direct to my dairy when when I need it, or I can easily drop by and pick up bags of stockfeed direct from their mill when I’m in town. They only use pure wholegrains and approved additives, ensuring my dairy cows stay in peak condition.
Brad Local Dairy Farmer
Cooloola Custom Stockfeed make a wonderful range of poultry feeds for the keen showman and have been feeding winners around the region for many years now. As a Life Member and long time supporter of the Gympie Poultry Club for close on 40 years now, I like to give all my champion White Leghorn and Sussex Bantams the very best in feed available to keep them in prime condition for showing and breeding.

Their feed is used in the lead up to chicken season with the breeder ration, then onto chicken mash, when the next year’s potential champions come along. They are kept growing well on the pullet developer and finished off with a layer mash and mixed grain of an evening. That has been the secret to my success and many other leading breeders are doing the same. If you want a good quality feed at the right price, you can’t go past Cooloola Custom Stockfeed. The local guys get my support.

Lenny Edwards Champion Poultry Breeder

Frequently asked questions

What is the minimum order quantity for a customised blend of stockfeed?

If you have a specific recipe for your stock we will mix to order when you order 1000kg (one tonne) or above. We stock an extensive range of premixed bagged stockfeed in handy 20kg or 500kg or 1000kg poly bags available for pickup direct from our Gympie Mill.

Can I pick up products direct from your mill when I'm in town?

Absolutely. Visit us during business hours and our friendly service team will have you loaded fast with one or more 20kg bags. With our forklift we can quickly and easily load your ute or truck with a 500kg or 1000kg poly bag. Simply call ahead and we’ll arrange to have it ready for you.

How far afield from Gympie in Queensland do you deliver bagged and bulk stockfeed?

Call us for a specific freight package to your location.

Do you source your grain from Australian grain growers?

The Cooloola Stockfeed Mill in the heart of Gympie has milled and supplied stockfeed to Cooloola Shire farmers in the region since 1927. We source pure wholegrains like barley, maize, sorghum, wheat and cottonseed solely from Australian growers.

Do you manufacture aquaculture feed?

Yes we manufacture a nutritious pellet mix for crayfish farms.

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